Come On, Get Happy

I haven't posted in a while simply because things have been going pretty smoothly, it seems like I only have the motivation to write here when I am faced with a battle or injustice.  Tate started 4th grade.  She hasn't been on any medication this year and she has managed to make the A/B honor roll twice so far!  I'm so very proud of her.  The biggest problem we've had is some bullying from a girl Tate has shared a class with since pre-school.  Go figure.

In the meantime, I've been stuck in the same rut I always seem to be in.  Not necessarily upset or depressed about any one thing in particular, but restless, unsettled...and I suppose, generally unhappy.  In light of this, I have decided to take part in a 30-day "Happiness" project.  I figure it can't hurt to try to up the levels of happiness.  So here goes:

I was pregnant with Tate here. 2002

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dslrbbt said...

Such a beautiful picture!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Stunning Court!!

iamglamourpuss said...

Thanks, Girlies!

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